After a professional career of over 15 years, cooking in major hotels, restaurants and for Ambassadors and High Commissioners, developing recipes for major food and lifestyle magazines and conducting countless cooking classes, John has finally decided to pursue his dream of setting up his own cooking studio. After much deliberation, he has chosen for the studio to be located in Little India as this vibrant neighbourhood is uniquely Singapore.

While John is trained in classic French, his love for Asian and Singaporean food shines through. It is this food of his childhood and recipes close to his heart that he wants to share, doing his part in hope that the culture of Nasi Padang, Fish Head Curry, Chicken Rice and Devil Curry continues to flourish.

A dedicated educator who advocates “dining time is bonding time” and that “we should make every meal count”, John puts much emphasis on simple, fuss free recipes that can work well at home, thus minimizing cooking time and maximizing family time together. Drawing inspiration from the numerous cooking classes he has conducted, John has put together a few classes designed for busy working adults that will yield them quick yet delicious family dinners.

Have fun cooking, eating, exploring and learning.